Handwritten Recipe Cutting Board


One of our most popular items, these bamboo cutting boards feature an engraving of a handwritten recipe that you send in. Grandma’s recipes from your childhood, your favorite recipe that is always asked for, or just a loving keepsake featuring the handwriting of someone special.

Most recipes can be done with no additional charge, however, we do reserve the right to let you know if the recipe you send it will be challenging.

We have found a new source for our cutting boards and they are now .8125″ (13/16″) thick, which is a significant upgrade over the .375″ (3/8″) boards we were using.

Choose the small, medium or large size cutting board

(max file size 256 MB)

If you know the recipe will be challenging to work with (whether it’s the handwriting or just because it’s been well-loved and used extensively with spills, spots, and stains on it) we will need to spend extra time on converting it to a file that can be engraved.