Hammer – Engraved Handle or Head


The one tool that nobody can be without.  Even Adam Savage acknowledges that “Every Tool’s a Hammer”.  No matter the tools you have, you ALWAYS need a hammer.  Now you can personalize one as a gift for someone special.   Though Father’s Day is a perfect time to gift one, there are MANY occasions that could warrant gifting such a meaningful item.

  • Your child’s first tool
  • A graduating senior thanking his or her parent(s)
  • Wedding Gift – because we all know that building a strong foundation sustains a strong relationship
  • First House gift

And so many more!  Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities.

These wooden handled hammers come in 10 ounce and 16 ounce sizes.  The 16 ounce hammer is the most typical size for a hammer that will be used by an adult.  10 ounce hammers make a great keepsake or child’s tool.

The handles are engraved lightly to allow for the hammers to be used without cutting, scratching, or causing blisters from the engraved areas. If you’d like a deeper engrave, please specify in the options listed below.

You can choose to have the handle engraved or the head personalized

Choose the number that corresponds to the design you like

If you’d like a secondary message, you can choose one here. If your primary message is on the handle, the secondary will be placed on the head. If your primary message is on the head, the secondary will be engraved into the handle.