Bourbon Flight Board


A really good bourbon is meant to be shared.  Multiple bourbons deserve a flight tray to be shared among friends.

These Acacia wood cutting boards are engraved with the 9 styles of bourbon surrounding the main word BOURBON.  The drilled out holes for the glasses are 1 7/8″ to precisely fit Glencairn glassware (The official Whiskey Glass) and then the bottom is lined with a leatherette material.  The engravings are labeled ONE through FOUR so you can keep track of the bourbon you are tasting.

As with ALL cutting boards, hand wash only – YES, the leatherette material is also washable.

Remember to add a Cutting Board Care Kit to keep the Bourbon Tasting Board looking great for years!

The picture shows the Small Bourbon Flight Board which will fit a maximum of 8 glass placements.