Cutting Board Care Kit


This Board Care Kit is made in-house from carefully selected ingredients.  True, there are only two ingredients, so we wanted to use the best we could find.  We also took time to source the perfect jars for this kit.  With a regular-size mason jar lid, they are the perfect size for pouring the mineral oil onto your boards as well as grabbing the Board Butter with your hands.

The Board Care Kit comes with two 4 ounce jars, marked A and B.  Jar A is 100% Food Grade Mineral Oil.  Nothing is added to this.  Jar B is a mix of Food Grade Mineral Oil and 100% Pure Organic Beeswax.  There is enough in this kit for multiple uses on your boards, you can even refill Jar A with Food Grade Mineral Oil.

A Board Care Kit is included with all Hardwood Cutting Boards and Charcuterie Boards, it is not included with our Bamboo Boards.

For instructions on using this kit, please check our Cutting Boards Use and Care Guide


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