Baby Name Puzzle


These fun Baby Name Puzzles are bright and colorful.  The letters are big enough for small hands to grab with ease!

The base of the puzzle is 1/8″ on top of 1/8″ for a total thickness of 1.4″, the letters are 1/4″ thick, so they are thicker than the layer in which they sit.  No need for finger cutouts, just nice lean lines.

The puzzles are not painted.  All the colors you see are dyed wood stains (even the white!).  Not only do the colors pop, but the wood grain is accentuated as well!

Names longer than 7 letters will have smaller letters in the puzzle.  You can also have a name puzzle with multiple names!  First and last names; First, middle, and last; you decide!  Multiple names will be on the same size base, but on different lines.  Maximum of two lines per puzzle, multiple names will be placed on a line to achieve the desired results.

For example: red, yellow, green, repeat will result in red, yellow, green, red, yellow, green, red…

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Additional information

Dimensions 19.5 × 5.75 in